Saint John The Beloved Publishing House (JBPH)


JBPH aims at:

-         Enriching the Arabic Christian library translations.


-         Issuing an Arabic/English Children Christian Magazine.


-         Publishing the Church educational programs.


-         Translating the Coptic Liturgy and spiritual writing heritage into English, French and other languages.


-         We also publish Christian books.

Publications of St. John the Beloved Publishing House

Liturgical Books in English General Books in Arabic

Biblical Exegesis in Arabic Sermons of St. John Chrysostom

Liturgical Books in English

1 - The Coptic Liturgy of St. Basil (English , Coptic , Arabic) (second print)

2 - The Holy Liturgy : An illustrated Explanation.

3 - Prime, Vespers & Compline, The Agpeya  "the book of hours" (second print)

4 - Coptic Grammar lessons to simplify, by Moawad Dawoud.

5 The Image of the Coptic Women in Coptic Tradition, by Hedy Banoub and Maurice Assad.

Biblical Exegesis in Arabic

1 - Where was Christ Born, by St. Chrisostom.

2 - The Heavens are Opened, by St. Chrisostom.

3 - The Samaritan Woman, by St. Chrisostom.

4 - The Resurrection, by St. Chrisostom.

5 - The Holy Spirit, by St. Chrisostom.

6- The Songs of Solomon, by Father Bishoy Abd El-Messieh.

7 - Christ in the Old Testament, by Father Bishoy Abd El-Messieh.

8 - Personalities of the Old Testament, by Father Sharoubim Yacoub

9 - Personalities of the New Testament, by Father Sharoubim Yacoub

10- The Book of Jesus' Birth, by St. Chrisostom.

11 Mythical origin of Female Circumcission (A Christian Prospective) by Maurice Assad

12 Girl and Women in Coptic Tradition. By Hedy Banoub and Maurice Assad.

13 Coptic Girls in early Christianity. By Hedy Banoub and Maurice Assad.

14 Faith and Worship in the Girl's life. By Hedy Banoub.

General Books in Arabic

1 - Christmas : 25 December or 7 January, by Deacon Ekladios Ibrahim.

2 - Jerusalem : The City of the Great King, by Deacon Ekladios Ibrahim

3 - Declarations of God to Humanity, by Deacon Sabry Mahrous

4 - The Alter's Decorations, by Inal Habib.

5 - Jerusalem, by Nabil Naguib Salama.

6 - The Original Sin & the Actual Sin, by Dr. Maurice Tawadros.

7 - Anba Youssab and his Companion Anba Bedassius, F. Louka El-Antouny.

8 - The Miracle of Moquatam Mountain, by Father Louka El-Antouny. (second print)

9 - Pain in Christianity, by Clerical Deacon Yasser Father Botros.

10- The Cross in our life, by Father Samaan El-Soriany.

11- The Archangel Michael, by Father Louka El-Antouny.

12- Christianity and Alcohol, by Dr. Edward Amin Ghali.

13- Commentary on First Corinthians, by Dr.  Maurice Tadros.

14- The Victorious Resurrection, by Father Louka El-Antouny.

15- The Six Days of Creation, by Father Bishoy Al-Antouny.

16- Q&A, by Father Bishoy Al-Antouny.

17- Pope Shenouda III the poet, by Adel El Bastousy.

18 Egypt in the Bible, by Fr. Abd El-Messeih.

19 The Healing Lord. By Deacon Atef Habib Ghobrial.

Sermons of St. John Chrysostom:

1 The Samaritan Woman.

2 The Resurrection.

3 The Holy Spirit.